About Us

Why we're here

Technology is the great enabler. It transforms. And it allows people and business to achieve some pretty remarkable things.

But taking advantage of the latest innovation is more complex (and risky) than many people would like. That's to say nothing about the challenge of maintaining the technology you’ve already got.

For Softchoice, being a North American Solutions and Services Provider is about one thing: building great customer relationships by making it simple for organizations to use technology to grow their success.

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Awards & Recognition

We're proud of our growth and success. The recognition we receive is a testament to our focus on customers and the hard work, passion, and dedication of our people.

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How we do it

Our goal is simple: help organizations use technology to become more productive, more competitive and ultimately, more successful. That starts with answering the important questions – like where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Avoiding surprises, helping you make great decisions and providing the technical know-how to turn vision into reality – it’s all a part of how we deliver better outcomes for your business.

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Our History

Back in 1989, when Softchoice began, cell phones were a rarity, 5” floppy disks were the standard and Google was just a really big number. Without ecommerce tools, finding the right software for the job was also a major challenge.

Softchoice founders David Holgate and Jone Panavas had a vision to fill this void: build a company that would connect customers to thousands of technology products with new ease and efficiency. Working out of a small apartment, they spent a year assembling the largest software product data base anywhere. Entering one title after the other, they talked about creating a different kind of company – one where people could ‘bring their whole self’ to work and who were encouraged to challenge the status quo.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Creating an inclusive, engaged and socially aware workplace while promoting sustainable business and IT practices from the inside out.

Our people have been a driving force in making sustainability and corporate social responsibility a central part of how we operate. Their passion and initiative is helping to green our supply chain, promote sustainable IT solutions in the marketplace, and support computer literacy programs in our local communities and around the world. Through these efforts, we’re also living our purpose: by promoting a culture of engagement, our people are unleashing their potential while making Softchoice and our world a better place.

Sustainable IT and business practices, a socially engaged workforce, and investing in the growth and development of our people are the foundations of CSR at Softchoice. Focusing on these areas drives new efficiencies for business and our customers, improves environmental performance and allows us to create deeper relationships with our partners and the communities where we work and live.

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