Our History

Our History

Back in 1989, when Softchoice began, cell phones were a rarity, 5” floppy disks were the standard and Google was just a really big number. Without ecommerce tools, finding the right software for the job was also a major challenge.

Softchoice founders David Holgate and Jone Panavas had a vision to fill this void: build a company that would connect customers to thousands of technology products with new ease and efficiency. Working out of a small apartment, they spent a year assembling the largest software product data base anywhere. Entering one title after the other, they talked about creating a different kind of company – one where people could ‘bring their whole self’ to work and who were encouraged to challenge the status quo.

Those early conversations laid the foundation for traditions that set the tone at Softchoice to this day. After more than 20 years in business, we still honor our commitment to great service with the guarantee of a live, knowledgeable response to every customer call. Dogs in the office and a cold beer on Fridays still have a place in our hearts. And we still believe that ‘the new guy with the blue hair’ might just have the best idea in the room.

Doing things differently has resulted in tremendous growth. It’s also created a company that understands business challenges aren’t really managed by technology. They’re managed by people. And the happier and more engaged those people are, the better the customer experience.

Since 1989 we’ve changed great deal. Softchoice has grown from a handful of employees to a billion dollar enterprise with more than 1100 people and sales offices in every major city throughout the US and Canada. Our strategy remains as simple as ever: build long-term relationships by doing more to help customers use technology to be more successful.

Different is good!