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FLASH Storage

With Flash storage, improve application response times by up to 90% and increase I/O throughput up to 80%.

Not sure if Flash is a good fit for your organization? Softchoice can quickly determine your storage utilization while providing a detailed analysis and recommendations for using Flash through our Storage Tech Check.

Storage Services

With a team of highly trained team of consulting engineers, Softchoice is your go to partner for in-depth analysis of implementing and managing your storage systems.

FlexPod Accelerator

Softchoice has the fastest, most reliable and easiest to manage path to converged infrastructure in North America - helping you deploy your applications at the speed of business.

Clustered Data ONTAP

Eliminate downtime and increase storage efficiency with NetApp's Storage OS.

Solutions for Windows Storage Consolidation

Slash costs by up to 50% by consolidating all your Windows file, Microsoft application and virtualization data.