Stacking the Odds:
How to gain a modern IT advantage with FlexPod from Cisco, NetApp and Softchoice

Let us show you the speed of Flash and the value of a pre-validated architecture.

The challenges are real.

In a recent survey by IDG Research Services, 90 percent of respondents have either already implemented converged infrastructure (CI) or have added it to their plan for the near future.

Companies see the value of an integrated approach to application delivery, but many IT leaders aren’t even sure where to begin. The risks of short-term disruptions, as well as long-term architectural inflexibility are daunting.

And so are the benefits.

According to Gartner, Cisco's partnering strategy has expanded since 2014 to include many more choices for integrated systems. Today, Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) integrated infrastructure portfolio are all built on the NetApp FlexPod reference architecture paradigm.

This architecture combines best-in-class computing, network and storage solutions from Cisco, NetApp and Softchoice to:

  • Deploy the precise proportion of Flash to spinning media for your specific application or environment with All-Flash FAS
  • Keep your business applications running using FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn software
  • Reduce risk, so you can focus on what matters, when you allow Keystone Managed Services to deliver your maintenance activities

Simply put, FlexPod is one of the fastest next-generation data centers 'in-a-box' you can buy: it's simple, powerful and validated for your needs.

Watch this 3 minute video to see how flexpod is built, scaled and managed:

What is FlexPod?

The FlexPod product family has become the go to solution to create a scalable environment fast.

FlexPod is a multi-vendor datacenter solution from Cisco and NetApp. It consists of Cisco Unified Computing (UCS) & Unified Fabric Technology (Nexus) and NetApp Fabric Attached Storage (FAS).

FlexPod is offered in two levels that are designed to meet your specific capacity and performance requirements:

  • FlexPod Express: Ideal for midsized businesses and branch offices. A cost-effective starting point for infrastructure consolidation and virtualization solutions.
  • FlexPod Datacenter: Suited for large enterprises that have mature IT processes and rapid growth expectations looking to deploy a highly scalable shared infrastructure for business-critical applications.

See which solution works best for your organization - regardless of size or current state - with the Softchoice Data Center and Cisco Contract TechCheck.

How can you start the process?

  • Softchoice Data Center TechCheck Being with the Data Center TechCheck is ideal for clients who want to understand the performance of their current infrastructure components to better evaluate and plan for enhanced application delivery. The insight derived from the Softchoice Datacenter TechCheck prepares clients with:

    • Actionable insights that are validated with a client findings and recommendations session
    • A comprehensive view of datacenter software, server and storage interactions
    • A structured review of the current state and evaluate options with a Softchoice Infrastructure subject matter expert

  • Cisco Contract TechCheck Finish your FlexPod journey with the Cisco Contract TechCheck that provides your organization a holistic view of your network infrastructure based on data that is registered with Cisco. This fully-funded assessment will allow you to:

    • See what is coming to end-of-life, end-of-sale, and end-of-support
    • What products are lacking Smart Net Total Care
    • Entire view of what your network may need moving forward