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A letter from our CEO. Softchoice is committed to helping you through this uncertain time.


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We help companies build foundational infrastructures today, in order to leverage disruptive technologies tomorrow.

Why Softchoice

Our combined strength in these areas is what makes Softchoice unique.

Data Driven Insights

Benefit from assessments and guidance from certified cloud professionals to develop migration plans that move you forward in a secure, cost-effective way.

Licensing & SAM

Avoid compliance issues, right-size spending and increase the impact of cloud technology with the optimal licensing program.

Managed Services

Migrate faster, empower your people and reap the benefits of cloud with monitoring and end-to-end operational support.

Technology Mentorship

Deepen internal competencies and receive expert guidance to secure, operate and govern the use of cloud resources.

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VMWare - Making Sense of Multicloud

April 15
Cloud Webinar Series
Virtual Event

Intro to DevOps on Azure Boot Camp

April 28
Azure Boot Camp
Virtual Event

Intro to DevOps on Azure Boot Camp

April 30
Azure Boot Camp

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