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Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating an inclusive, engaged and socially aware workplace while promoting sustainable business and IT practices from the inside out.

Our people have been a driving force in making sustainability and corporate social responsibility a central part of how we operate. Their passion and initiative is helping to green our supply chain, promote sustainable IT solutions in the marketplace, and support computer literacy programs in our local communities and around the world. Through these efforts, we’re also living our purpose: by promoting a culture of engagement, our people are unleashing their potential while making Softchoice and our world a better place.

Sustainable IT and business practices, a socially engaged workforce, and investing in the growth and development of our people are the foundations of CSR at Softchoice. Focusing on these areas drives new efficiencies for business and our customers, improves environmental performance and allows us to create deeper relationships with our partners and the communities where we work and live.

How we report on corporate social responsibility is really a testament to the dedication of our people. Through the Softchoice CSR blog, we’ve created a living, dynamic record of our work, told through the voices of our people. We invite you join the conversation as we explore what’s possible when opportunity and the desire to make a difference work in tandem.

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We're writing about our mission every step of the way. Get the latest news on:

  • Our giving programs and partnerships
  • Using technology to improve life for people, business and our planet
  • Building and sustaining an extraordinary workplace

Sustaining a growth-oriented and socially responsible workplace

Softchoice co-founder, Jone Panavas, believed that when people are growing and learning, wonderful things happen. We innovate more. We solve bigger problems. And we increase our value to customers, partners, shareholders and the communities where we work and play.

Creating a workplace that supports our employees’ goals and aspirations for their health and career is just the beginning. We also strive to provide opportunities to support our people in giving back to our local communities. From our perspective, it’s all connected. While building an extraordinary workplace will always be a work in progress, this thinking is also one of the reasons we’ve been named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces by the Globe and Mail newspaper 11 years in a row.

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Promoting sustainable IT and business practices

Technology is an unparalleled business enabler. Yet innovation has a cost: e-waste and rising energy use associated with IT pose significant environmental challenges.

As a North American IT solutions and services, we are uniquely positioned to promote technology tools and strategies that encourage environmental sustainability. Through our expertise, we’re helping organizations deploy IT solutions that improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption – from the desktop to the data center and beyond. We also continue to launch new initiatives to green our supply chain and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Everyday our people are working to make things better for our customers, our planet and our bottom line.

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Softchoice Cares: Making a social impact through Technology

At Softchoice we are committed to making a difference in a world by leveraging technology as a tool for education and for creating positive change in our world. By aligning our corporate giving with our strengths as a company, we’re using technology to help thousands of people develop the skills and means for a brighter future.

Through Softchoice Cares, our employee-led and employee-inspired philanthropic program, we’re providing people in need with access to technology and computer literacy programs – right here in our own backyard and around the world. Hosting or participating in a variety of internal fundraising activities isn’t the only way our people give back. We also encourage employees to take advantage of paid volunteer days to support local nonprofit organizations in driving positive change in our local communities.

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