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Getting Started with Consultation Services


Getting started is complicated. Softchoice brings clarity with a unique, assessment-led approach.

As you begin to map out a cloud strategy, it gets complex, quickly. How does it fit together? Are some applications dependent on others? Which cloud platform, provider or service should I select? Softchoice offers a wide-range of assessment approaches and offerings to bring clarity to your current state and help you determine the "right" cloud fit.

Cloud Advisory Services

  • Vision Consult

    Get everyone on the same page and set a cloud vision all done in a compressed timeframe during a facilitated "no-prep" workshop.
  • Business Technology Prioritizer

    Put your most important projects at the forefront of an exercise in collaborative discussion and priority identification.

Cloud TechCheck Assessment Services

SaaS Sourcing

  • SaaS Specialists

    SaaS specialists who work with you to align your cloud strategy with your business strategy.
  • Enterprise Grade Apps

    Best-of-breed line card with 40+ SaaS applications to help you consolidate purchases.
  • SaaS Insights

    Integrated dashboards on including full access to expert analysis designed to minimize the risks of unsanctioned SaaS use and drive intelligent growth.

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