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Softchoice Study Finds Businesses that Embrace SaaS Apps Grow Faster and Have Happier Employees

Toronto, ON – December 2, 2014 – The use of cloud applications for work makes employees happier and more productive on the job, according to a new study by Softchoice, one of North America's largest IT solutions and managed services providers. The study also finds businesses that really embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps are, on average, seeing faster revenue growth than those who don't. 

"The fast, furious deluge of mobile devices and cloud apps into our personal and professional lives has fueled a common perception that technology leads to overworked, disengaged staff," says Francis Li, Softchoice’s Vice President of Information Technology. "On the contrary, technology – and cloud apps in particular – has the potential to play a key role in solving longstanding employee engagement challenges."

Softchoice’s study, Tech Overload is Overblown: Cloud Apps & the Happiness Effect, explores how cloud app adoption impacts the workplace engagement and satisfaction of 1,000 full-time employees across the U.S. and Canada.

The study finds that 74% of employees who use cloud apps for work are happy with their jobs, compared to 19% of non-app users—suggesting that technology enhances, not obstructs, staff engagement. Further, the study finds that 1-in-3 employees who use multiple apps for work (6+) are employed at companies that saw at least 9% revenue growth in the last year, compared to just 1-in-20 non-app users.

Other highlights from the study include:

  • Cloud apps are tied to work-life balance. 85% of employees who use 6+ cloud apps for work report having an optimal work-life balance, compared to 59% of non-app users.
  • Female cloud app users are more engaged at work. Overall, female cloud app users are happier at work (80% v. 60% female non-app users), and more likely to feel that they have an optimal work-life balance (72% v. 57% female non-app users).
  • Cloud app autonomy matters. Employees who get to choose their own SaaS apps for work are twice as likely to be happy at work, compared to those who aren't given a choice.

The study also examines cloud app adoption and workplace engagement across core North American industries (including manufacturing, healthcare and financial services), and the differences in SaaS adoption and employee engagement between the United States and Canada.

“There are clear advantages to enabling SaaS use and giving employees a choice on which apps they use, however, it must be done within the construct of a compliant and safe environment,“ Li says. “As employee expectations around cloud grow rapidly – placing new demands on SaaS sourcing competency – IT needs the proper tools and skillsets to manage app usage throughout the overall lifecycle.”

The study SlideShare is available online at

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As a leading North American provider of IT solutions and managed services, Softchoice combines the efficiency and reliability of a national IT supplier with the personal touch and technical expertise of a local solutions provider. Softchoice's holistic approach to technology includes solution design, implementation, asset management and cloud services, as well as access to one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective technology distribution networks in North America. With over 1,200 employees, Softchoice manages the technology needs of thousands of corporate and public sector organizations across the United States and Canada.

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