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Softchoice study reveals North American workers expect to be equipped with the technology to work from anywhere

Sept. 11, 2017 – Toronto, ON – The ability to work remotely has gone from being a work perk to a necessity of 21st century living, according to a new study by Softchoice, a leading North American IT solutions and managed services provider. The study, Collaboration Unleashed: Empowering Individuals to Work Together from Anywhere, found that 85 percent of North American office workers expect their employers to provide technology that allows them to work from wherever they choose – whether that’s at their desk, in a meeting room, at home, or the coffee shop down the street.

“It has never been more challenging, but also more important, for organizations to deliver what employees want,” said Francis Li, Vice President, Information Technology, Softchoice. “Cloud, mobile and unified communications technology continues to break down siloes and help employees to be more productive and collaborative from wherever they do their best work. As a result, what employees increasingly want is a seamless experience where they can access content, connect with colleagues and share files, and be productive from anywhere.”

For the study, Softchoice surveyed 1,000 full-time North American office workers who use a computer or mobile device for the majority of their work day. The study explores trends in employee productivity and collaboration, including the use of office automation tools, remote work flexibility, and how well organizations equip their people with the technology they need to be productive.

Other key findings from the study include:
Remote work capabilities are critical to employee retention: Employees would take increased remote work opportunity over an increase in pay, with 74 percent of employees saying they would quit their jobs to work for an organization that would allow them to work remotely more often, even if their salary stayed the same.

Automation boosts productivity, but scares some workers: While 69 percent of employees say office automation tools have positively impacted their productivity, nearly one in four workers feel their job is in danger of being replaced entirely by technology within five years.

Technical issues are killing collaboration: 83 percent of employees use technology to collaborate in real time with people in different locations, however, 78 percent of them say they experience frequent technical difficulties that impact the collaborative experience.

The study also identified that, compared to Baby Boomers, millennials are twice as likely to feel more productive and better-equipped working at home than at the office. On top of that, the vast majority (88 percent) of millennials believe their employer should equip them with the technology to work remotely.

Every day, thousands of organizations rely on Softchoice to provide insight and expertise that speeds the adoption of technology, while managing cost and risk. Softchoice’s End User Productivity Assessment gives IT leaders get a clear view of the technology in their environment, what technology their end users are actually leveraging, and what gaps exist that they need to address. The end result is an intelligent plan for businesses to execute their collaboration strategies and drive adoption.

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