Operation Migration: Six Lessons Learned from Migrating 20,000+ Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes

SaaS has revolutionized enterprise IT, changing the way companies manage and deliver applications. With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365, many companies are addressing their larger SaaS strategy, opening the door to new business processes and technology challenges.

Having led hundreds of SaaS implementation initiatives, Softchoice’s Microsoft Practice Leads Tim McKellips and Mack Ratcliffe know the difference between success and failure in the cloud. In this guide, they share six valuable lessons they’ve learned to help you craft an expert SaaS strategy for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Key Highlights:

  • Planning effectively to deal with requirements, impacts, and challenges of a migration
  • What you need to know to ensure a smooth integration of Cloud with the rest of your IT environment
  • Migrating to the cloud doesn’t end with the actual migration – how to properly plan for post-launch and ensure sustained success