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Softchoice TechChecks

Understanding current state is critical to assuming an innovative position as part of an IT service delivery strategy.
Softchoice has generated extensive intellectual property over many years and consolidated it into a TechCheck portfolio is designed to help you explore your current state and determine where gaps exist.
  • SaaS TechCheck Are you prepared to deal with the threat of Shadow IT?
  • Licensing TechChecks Visibility into all purchased licenses for Microsoft, Adobe, VMware and many more leading titles.
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Softchoice TechCheck Portfolio

Based on years of experience and an extensive knowledge base, the TechCheck team provides recommendations to help you solve existing issues and discover future business opportunities.

TechCheck portfolio provides:
  • Insight and guidance for maximizing technology investments.
  • Knowledgeable people with advanced vendor training and extensive industry experience providing actionable direction to achieve business goals.
  • IT alignment with business outcomes.
  • Leveraging investments to obtain improved ROI and a review of existing processes, systems and users and recommendations about new procedures or technology deployments.
Softchoice's goal is to provide insights into your IT Asset Management strategy and environment, to help realize clear benefits in terms of:
Lowering IT

Softchoice SaaS TechCheck

Are you prepared to deal with the threat of Shadow IT? Most IT groups have only a limited view into the amount of cloud applications being consumed by the business.

Did you know?

Based on recent Softchoice Cloud research, organizations we worked with discovered:
had users accessing Skydrive
had users accessing GoogleDrive
had users accessing SaaS of some kind
had users sending files via YouSendit
had users accessing DropBox
Softchoice designed our SaaS TechCheck to:
  • Provide a clear picture of the SaaS apps your users are accessing with our proprietary discovery and visualization tools.
  • Offer strategic recommendations for standardization, rationalization and cost consolidation.
  • Expose the risks from unsanctioned file sharing applications in your environment.
  • Instruct you how to manage your applications through our Softchoice Cloud Portal.

Softchoice Licensing TechChecks

Businesses today face mandatory vendor audit requirements to demonstrate compliance with complex licensing models. Most benefit from a clear picture of the current usage, versus the amount of licenses allocated to minimize risk of steep fines, potential litigation and negative public relations.

At Softchoice, we believe there is a better way to manage software asset lifecycles. Softchoice's heritage is rooted in helping clients maximize their use and management approach associated with licensing models. With over 20 years in Microsoft license auditing and licensing, Softchoice has the expertise to help organizations identify gaps in their current usage and licensing approach and defines recommendations for next steps.

Softchoice Infrastructure TechChecks

Discovery and analytics to provide insights into your IT Asset Management strategy and environment.

Painting the Infrastructure Picture

Multiple vendors, legacy technology, and demands for a richer end-user experience make planning the future of your environment a daunting task.

Softchoice's Converged Infrastructure TechCheck is ideal for clients who want to understand the components of their current infrastructure to better plan for the move to a converged infrastructure. The Softchoice Converged Infrastructure TechCheck prepares clients to take the transformational journey from legacy silos of technology to the converged infrastructure by arming clients with a fact-based portrait of the current state environment and helps plot the way forward.

Understanding What's In Your Virtual Environment

The Softchoice Virtualization TechCheck is designed to arm clients with a fact-based portrait of the current environment, and in turn, helps map out next steps through intelligence that informs cost savings, performance improvements and capacity planning.

Softchoice Storage TechCheck

With the explosion of data growth, the ability to accurately forecast storage capacity, reduce costs and deal with data migration has become more critical than ever for IT leaders. Storage administrators also face additional pressures of excessive backup times, higher service level requirements, longer retention periods for more data and increased capacity needs.

The Softchoice Storage TechCheck is designed to provide clients with essential information about the performance of an array, that in turn provides intelligence that informs cost savings, performance improvements and capacity planning.

Softchoice Network Discovery Assessment

Knowing the status of your network assets can greatly improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. That's why we created Softchoice's Network Discovery Assessment - an end-to-end process designed to give you practical, actionable insights into the most complicated networking challenges

What you can do right now?

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