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Softchoice Portal

Softchoice Portal

The Softchoice portal has many tools and options available. To find out more about Softchoice Portal features get in touch with your Softchoice sales representative.

How can I customize my Dashboard?

You can use the Manage Widgets button at the top of your Dashboard to choose which widgets and indicators you want to see.
You can also remove widgets by using the close button at the top right of each widget.
Some widgets have a Settings button at the top right; you can use that to customer the widget itself.

Can I customize who can see and do what?

Yes. The Softchoice Portal has very flexible permission settings. The Group Management tool is available in the Administration section of the menu. Using that tool, you can create groups, assign users to them, and give each group different permissions.

Standards List

What is a Standards List?

Standards Lists help organize and categorize your company’s favorite and most often purchased items. Not only does this help your company find and buy products more efficiently and accurately, it saves time and money by making sure you’re choosing the correct products.

How do I access my Standards Lists?

The Standards List tool is available under the Procurement section of the menu. There is also a Standards List Dashboard widget which gives you quick access to your lists without having to go into the tool.

How do I manage and customize my Standards List?

You can create new lists with your own titles, descriptions and even custom icons. You can add them to categories and reorder lists and categories. You can assign different lists to different user groups.
Within the lists, you can customize item titles, descriptions and default quantities, and you can reorder the items.

What is a Bundle?

Bundles let you set up combinations of items for easy purchasing. For example if you have a specific set of hardware for a new hire, or if you want to ensure the right dock or mount comes with a new laptop or monitor, you can put these items together into a bundle to be purchased with one click.

How can I create a Bundle?

Every Standards Lists tab has a Create Bundle button at top right. Using that feature you can search for products and add them to the bundle.

Order Approval Workflow

How does the workflow work?

The Workflow Builder is in Administration section of the menu.
Once you set up a workflow where you specify the dollar amount range, who your approvers are, and who the buyers are and save it, it’s active.
When an order is placed by one of the buyers that’s within the dollar amount range, the approver or approvers will be notified by email that an order is waiting to them to action.
If you set up more than one approver level, once the 1st level approver approved the order, the 2nd level approver will get notified by email, etc. Once the order is actioned, the buyer will be notified by email.
You can set up multiple workflows for multiple groups of buyers with different ranges, approvers, etc.

How do I alert an approver that an order is waiting for his response?

If you're a Site Administrator or the buyer, you can send follow-up email reminders from the Action column of your My Pending Approvals widget.

How do I add Approvers to a level?

Simply drag Contact Names into each level area from the Contact List. You can add multiple names to a level; only one Contact's approval is required per level.

Can I notify someone when an order is approved?

Yes. Enter their email address to notify user(s) once an order has been approved at all levels.

How do I know how long it takes orders to get through the workflow process?

Approval Statistics is available in Reporting section of the menu. It shows detailed metrics based on workflow order approvals.


How can I create a Quote?

There’s a Create and Send Quote button on the Shopping Cart page. You can save your cart items as a quote and send it to multiple users. The quote will be active for 15 days. Your other option is to contact your Softchoice sales representative and request a quote.

How can I add a new shipping address?

You can add a new Location using the Locations Tab of Group Management tool. The Add Location button is at the bottom.

How can I remove an old shipping address?

You can Use the Hide Location option the Locations Tab of Group Management tool. Applying this option to a Location means it won’t be available on Checkout, but will still be available to you in Order History reporting.

What is Custom Reporting?

Custom Reporting allows you to create your order history reports using multiple parameters, in order to help you visualize your account activity.
You can access Order Reporting from Reporting section of the menu or from the Order Reporting Widget. Click on Create New Report and start selecting parameters. You can preview the result and go back and make changes before generating report.
You can save the reports you generate and go back to them as needed.

How can I post announcements for my users?

You can use the Site-wide Announcements tool in Administration section of the menu to post messages your users will see when they login. You can choose to place them on specific pages only, or on all pages of the website.

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