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Diversity and Inclusion

Empower and unleash the potential of everyone at Softchoice

Diversity and Inclusion at Softchoice

Softchoice believes in creating an environment where all employees – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion or cultural background – feel accepted and supported to succeed.

The employee-led ONEsoftchoice committee works with senior leadership to increase visibility and awareness of diversity and inclusion at Softchoice, identify and remove any barriers to employee success, and support a growing network Employee Resource Groups.

ONEsoftchoice Vision

  • Empower and unleash the potential of all Softchoice employees
  • Foster a culture of inclusion and fairness where diverse interests and experiences are celebrated
  • Attract and retain top talent from the many diverse groups that make up our communities
  • Identify and remove barriers, so every employee has a path to success

Leading Women focuses on building an inclusive community of women across Softchoice through mentorships with senior Softchoice leaders, unique training opportunities for female employees, and recruiting and retaining top female talent. Leading Women also hosts an annual Hackathon for elementary school girls across North America.

orangePRIDE fosters a culture of inclusion and support where diverse interests and experiences of LGBTQA+ employees and allies are celebrated. This resource group helps to identify and remove barriers to ensure LGBTQA+ employees have a path to success, as well as advises Softchoice to attract and retain top talent from the LGBTQA+ community.

Shades of Orange supports the success of visible minorities and newcomers to Canada and the U.S. within Softchoice by providing peer support (through networking, mentoring and coaching), promoting education and awareness, and celebrating the diversity of different cultures and life experiences.

HELLO Softchoice helps new employees get acclimatized and contribute to a diverse and inclusive culture at Softchoice by fostering meaningful connections within the workplace, providing development opportunities, and accelerating success within their roles.

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