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This WOW goes to Attique Ajmal

This WOW goes to Attique Ajmal, a Presales Architect in Toronto. Attique really made a difference for a Softchoice customer in a time of need. The customer had let a data center vendor contract lapse and desperately needed immediate support from Softchoice to renew it or they’d face significant disruption to their business.

The customer’s Softchoice account manager reached out to Attique to help resolve the issue. While Attique had transitioned into a new role and was no longer responsible for that particular vendor, he didn’t hesitate to lend a hand and own the end result! Attique dedicated his time to get quotes to the customer, and helped his colleague efficiently navigate the appropriate vendor channels to get the order placed quickly.

Attique’s efforts behind the scenes helped put his colleague in a position to help the customer out of a crisis. His actions demonstrate what it’s all about when it comes to customer passion and taking care of each other!