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This WOW goes to Brandon Almeida

This WOW goes to Brandon Almeida, an Order Management Associate in Toronto.

Salim Champsi, one of our Territory Sales Representatives, received an urgent request for a security software renewal from a customer. Unfortunately, to add to the urgency of the matter, Salim’s customer warned him that she was out of the office and would only be able to get him the purchase order by 7:00 p.m. on the renewal due date! Just when Salim thought he was running out of options to get the renewal done in time, Brandon came to the rescue.

Brandon sits right behind Salim in our Toronto office and had overheard his conversation. Despite supporting a different team and not being aligned to Salim or his customer, he offered to rearrange his schedule and put the order through for him. He asked Salim to send him the purchase order as soon as he received it and took it upon himself to place the order and process it urgently to make sure the customer wouldn’t have any service interruption. Both Salim and his customer were very appreciative and grateful for the quick turnaround.

Thank you, Brandon, for going out of your way to help out a peer and look after a customer. You perfectly embody our values “We take care of each other” and “We own the end result.”

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