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This WOW goes to Bryan Clayton, Marco Canzomeri, Danielle Ryterband, Rick Talbot, Edie Kim, and Carlos Martinez in Toronto, as well as Dilya Khaidarova in Montreal.

This WOW goes to Bryan Clayton, Outbound Sales Representative; Marco Canzomeri, Assessment Sales Specialist; Danielle Ryterband, Legal Counsel; Rick Talbot, Sr. Assessment Consultant; Edie Kim, Sr. Assessment Consultant; and Carlos Martinez, Microsoft Sales Specialist – all of whom work out of our Toronto office – as well as Dilya Khaidarova, an Associate Project Coordinator in Montreal.

We recently acquired a new customer, who turned to Softchoice after getting tired of going through audit after audit with no assistance from their previous partners. The vice president of IT from that company had heard about Softchoice’s 30 years of licensing and software asset management experience and, after listening to other competitors, our team clearly stood out.

The customer started by hiring us to help them navigate an upcoming SQL agreement. In order to truly comprehend the customer’s environment and their challenges, our team started with an assessment of their infrastructure and engaged their team in a discussion about managing the lifecycle of all their software agreements. The customer was truly blown away by the knowledge of these individuals and the way we made them think differently about how they managed and leveraged their technology.

This customer is now very excited to work with Softchoice and looks forward to the insights and fresh perspectives that our team will bring to the table.

Thank you Bryan, Marco, Danielle, Rick, Edie, Carlos and Dilya for demonstrating your customer passion and owning the end result.