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This WOW goes to Chris Rainone

This WOW goes to Chris Rainone, a Solutions Architect based in Atlanta. Known as a “rock star” among his team, Chris has a knack for communicating the technicalities of his extensive product knowledge in a non-technical way, setting up both his reps and customers for success.

In one case, a customer needed a specific outlet to be compatible with a power cord sold to them through Softchoice (which Softchoice doesn’t sell). In less than five business hours, Chris had not only sourced multiple solutions, he had created a document explaining the intimate details of each solution that his rep could easily communicate back to the customer.

Not only did Chris’ thorough effort give his colleague essential credibility and a competitive edge in the market, but it also earned the customer’s trust and ultimately solved their problem. Chris exemplifies the customer passion that guides everything we do at Softchoice!