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This WOW goes to Frank Coccia

This WOW goes to Frank Coccia, a Talent Advisor in Oakville.

Frankie, as everyone calls him, is part of our Talent Acquisition team, and specializes in technical recruiting. He was recently searching for a Support Engineer to join the Softchoice team at our Oakville, ON office. Frankie connected with a candidate who was looking for the right fit as his first role in Canada after recently becoming a permanent resident.

After conducting a phone interview, Frankie felt that there was strong alignment between the candidate, the Softchoice culture, and the needs of the role. Realizing that this new immigrant would not be familiar with the Oakville area, Frankie mapped out how to get to the Oakville office from his place, which was a fair commute, for an in-person interview. Frankie then greeted him at the local train station and personally drove him to the office for his interview. Once completed, he drove him back to the train station, which allowed them to get to know each other a little better. That night, Frankie was delighted to present the candidate with a job offer to join Softchoice, which he did a couple weeks later!

Thank you, Frankie, for going the extra mile (literally), and always providing an excellent candidate experience. You are a shining example of our value “We Take Care of Each Other.”

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