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This WOW goes to Christine Fisher and Jason Lefrancois

This WOW goes to Christine Fisher, a Credit Manager and Jason Lefrancois, a Service Desk Technician, who both work out of our Toronto headquarters.

Christine and Jason recently came to the rescue of one of our account teams to help with a time-sensitive issue.

Tom Iandoli, on the Softchoice credit team, received an unusually sized order from one of our customers, significantly larger than any orders historically placed by this customer, meaning a few more housekeeping items needed to be completed for us to put the order through. However, the pricing on that particular deal was going to expire at the end of that same day the order was received, so the team needed to move fast.

Tom called Christine for help and, in a short amount of time, she moved heaven and earth, tracking people down across the business from legal to finance to get all the paperwork filled out and ready in time. After the customer sent additional requested information, the team hit a roadblock: they were unable to unlock the files due to an encryption no one had ever seen before. Enter Jason.

Jason is part of Softchoice’s IT Service Desk, which receives hundreds of requests each day. Despite his long to-do list, Jason understood the urgency of the matter and came to the team’s rescue to figure out how to unlock the files.

Ultimately, the team was able to put the order through, with just minutes to spare, thanks to Christine and Jason’s commitment and customer passion, which contributed to a great customer experience.

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