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This award goes to Jon White

Jon White, an Enterprise Architect, Data Center in our Atlanta office, is a 2018 recipient of Softchoice’s highest honor – the Jone Panavas Leadership Award.

Jon is known at Softchoice to embody our values in every interaction, both with fellow Softchoice employees and with customers.

Always focused on the project’s outcome from the very start, he is the one to get his peers aligned, excited and invested in delivering a great customer experience.

Over the past year, he best displayed his leadership skills driving the creation and ongoing maintenance of our Workload Analyzer service offering - streamlining it from a several-week and multi-engineer process to a single-week, one-engineer process - and ensuring the service gets tailored to each customer to deliver an excellent experience. He even found a way to reduce the cost of the service, resulting in savings passed onto our customers.

His peers in Atlanta see him as a thought leader. In particular, his fellow architects say they benefit from his mentorship and expertise.

The highest honor at Softchoice, the Jone Panavas Leadership Award exemplifies the qualities of our fearless founder. The award celebrates individuals who are the gold standard of Softchoice's values, go-to teammates, and who demonstrate outstanding personal leadership and customer passion. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of the entire organization at Softchoice’s annual all-company conference.