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This WOW goes to Joseph Maillet

This WOW goes to Joseph Maillet, our traffic and shipping coordinator in Toronto.

Joe regularly receives praise from people across the company for stepping up and saving their day. As one of them put it, “Joe has one of the hardest and unknown jobs in the company, and we’d all be worse off without him.”

Recently, Ryon Greer, a Territory Sales representative, called Joe for help in a panic. One of his customer’s checks had been lost in the mail, and he would not be able to put any orders through for his customer until he received payment. Joe understood the urgency of the matter, and instead of just sending out a shipping label, he arranged for a courier to pick up the check that same day. Surely enough, the check arrived on time and Ryon was able to put his customer’s orders through immediately.

Congratulations and thank you, Joe, for your dedication and reliability. You embody our core values “We have customer passion,” “We take care of each other” and “We own the end result!”