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This award goes to Kristine Azis

Kristine Azis, a Supervisor, Development Coach in our Chicago office, is a 2018 recipient of Softchoice’s highest honor – the Jone Panavas Leadership Award.

Kristine is described by her peers as one of the most respected, resourceful and unique leaders at Softchoice. She leverages her experience and knowledge from moving around the organization – previously working as a Customer Service Representative and an Inside Sales Account Manager – to shape Softchoice’s workforce of tomorrow.

In 2017, she took it upon herself to create a “Phase 3” to the Softchoice Sales Academy - our award-winning sales onboarding and training program - which focuses on the reps’ development post-deployment to help them transition into their sales role.

She also took on a leading role with a new student internship program, taking on four interns in addition to her already busy roster. The students’ feedback was phenomenal. They said their experience with Kristine was more valuable than their year in school, and that it gave them a strong desire to come work for Softchoice.

Beyond her role, she is truly seen as a leader in the Chicago office, where her impact is felt across the entire floor.

The highest honor at Softchoice, the Jone Panavas Leadership Award exemplifies the qualities of our fearless founder. The award celebrates individuals who are the gold standard of Softchoice's values, go-to teammates, and who demonstrate outstanding personal leadership and customer passion. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of the entire organization at Softchoice’s annual all-company conference.