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This WOW goes to Michelle Vankoughnet

This WOW goes to Michelle Vankoughnet, an Associate Assessment Consultant in Toronto.

Michelle was assigned a new Softchoice customer who had been using Microsoft Office 365, and had requested a Software Asset Management (SAM) analysis to educate themselves and their IT department on licensing and asset management best practices.

Michelle jumped on countless calls with the customer to address issues and recommend solutions, which resulted in her receiving order confirmations from the customer’s offices around the world… in different languages. Rather than wait for the customer’s translation services – thereby delaying the order processing – she took the initiative to simply Google translate all the requests herself to ensure a speedy customer service. The customer was so impressed and appreciative of her dedication and quick turnaround that they said they want Michelle to perform their SAM analysis every year, and they want Softchoice to manage more of their software licenses. As a result of the SAM analysis, Michelle also discovered licensing discrepancies that could have cost the company had they been audited. The customer was so appreciative of Michelle’s delicate approach to delivering the analysis that they jokingly wished she could be the one to break any difficult news in their personal lives, too!

Thank you, Michelle, for living and breathing our values “We take care of each other,” and “We own the end result.”