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This WOW goes to our Order Management Team in Toronto

This WOW goes to Magdalena Dabbour, Aine White, Jesse Hair, Brittany McLeod, Nehreen Khan, Yoshi Aoyama, Ryan Pakyam and Joe D’Alonzo who are all part of our Order Management team in Toronto.

Shawn McCoubrey, one of our Telesales Managers in Toronto, recently spoke to one of our returning customers to hear about their experience after they placed an order with us.

The customer said he was very happy about the whole experience, explaining that everything went as well as it could have possibly gone. All their orders were perfectly executed. He particularly appreciated that our team provided him with proactive ETAs on all his orders as well as suitable alternatives when needed.

Shawn couldn’t have been happier about how our Order Management team showcased our post-sales muscles.

Congrats Magdalena, Aine, Jesse, Brittany, Nehreen, Yoshi, Ryan and Joe, and thank you for demonstrating our value “We have customer passion.”