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This WOW goes to Paolo Vergara, Andy Anwar, and Nehal Phillips

This WOW goes to Paolo Vergara (Licensing Sales Representative), Andy Anwar (Licensing Support Senior Representative), and Nehal Phillips (Licensing PreSales Support Representative), who all work out of our Toronto office.

One of our customers was experiencing issues with their Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) portal, which was giving them limited visibility on the status of their licenses. Keir Temporale, the Softchoice representative on their account, called our Licensing Support team for help.

Andy immediately answered the call and contacted Microsoft to figure out what the issue was and work out a solution to fix it. He then contacted both Keir and the customer to update them and walk them through the resolution.

When diving into the issues and working with the customer’s IT administrator to solve the problem, Keir and Andy realized that the customer would need additional licenses as soon as possible to be able to complete a critical project on time. That’s when they called in Nehal and Paolo who immediately ordered the necessary licenses.

Through the actions of these individuals, our customer’s issues were resolved in record time and their project was delivered on time, too. Thank you, Paolo, Andy and Nehal for exemplifying our values “We own the end result” and “We take care of each other.”