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This award goes to Patrick O'Leary

Patrick O'Leary, a Public Cloud Innovation Manager in Philadelphia, is a 2018 recipient of Softchoice’s highest honor – the Jone Panavas Leadership Award.

Patrick has great vision for how Softchoice can fulfill its strategy and grow within the industry. He takes our business’ priorities to heart and goes the extra mile to improve customer and employee experiences alike.

In 2018, he worked closely with our AWS team to enhance our cloud solutions while reducing the amount of onboarding paperwork for customers. He also led more than 20 customer-facing Microsoft Azure Bootcamps – contributing to Softchoice becoming the #1 Azure partner in North America.

Patrick continues to demonstrate consistent leadership that reaches all areas of the company. He was instrumental in the success of our first-ever internal-facing Softchoice Cloud Summits in 2018, which provided training for our technical and service delivery resources.

The highest honor at Softchoice, the Jone Panavas Leadership Award exemplifies the qualities of our fearless founder. The award celebrates individuals who are the gold standard of Softchoice's values, go-to teammates, and who demonstrate outstanding personal leadership and customer passion. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of the entire organization at Softchoice’s annual all-company conference.