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This WOW goes to Rehan Malik

This WOW goes to Rehan Malik, a Sr. Support Engineer in Toronto.

Rehan recently received amazing feedback from three of our customers, who made a point of emailing his manager, Ron Fiander, to let him know how appreciative they were of Rehan’s work.

All of them were delighted with his friendliness and his sensitivity to their business challenges, saying he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He quickly understood their issues and took immediate steps to ensure a quick resolution.

One of his customers had been struggling for a while trying to manage users within their system without any formal training, after their IT manager had left the company. Rehan took the time to answer any questions she had and shared some best practices to make sure she was comfortable and got the most out of her environment and infrastructure.

Thank you, Rehan, for being a perfect example of our values “We have customer passion“ and “We own the end result.”