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This WOW goes to Robbin Simpkins, John Safranek, Tracy Rodrigue, and Trevor Lysyk

This WOW goes to Robbin Simpkins (Project Manager, Dallas), John Safranek (Sr. Systems Engineer, Orlando), Tracy Rodrigue (Systems Engineer, Houston) and Trevor Lysyk (Sr. Systems Engineer, Calgary).

It was a busy and stressful time for one of our Alabama-based customers, who was going through a merger and acquisition while in the midst of a transition to Office 365. Mid way through the transition, the local contractor assisting them abandoned the project. That’s when project manager Robbin Simpkins took charge of the situation.

Based in Dallas, she put a call out for help to her trusted Softchoice colleagues and systems engineers Tracy Rodrigue and John Safranek, who dropped personal commitments to take the lead on a weekend cutover. She then reached out to Trevor, who assessed the situation remotely and determined the outstanding tasks that still needed to be completed on site. Trevor then took a red eye flight to Alabama that night, arriving at the customer site the following morning. He worked through the remaining tasks over the next two days and made sure that the customer was trained to manage their system going forward. All the while, back in Dallas, Robbin walked the customer through the entire process. The customer was very grateful and called her one of the best project managers they ever worked with.

Congratulations and thank you Robbin, John, Tracy and Trevor for brilliantly embracing three of our core values “We have customer passion,” “We take care of each other” and “We own the end result,” and for demonstrating how people from all across our North American network can rally to help a customer in need.