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This award goes to Ryan Szabo

Kudos to Ryan Szabo, Director of Major Initiatives in Toronto, and winner of a 2017 Jone Panavas Leadership Award. Over 10+ years with Softchoice, Ryan has never been afraid to take on new challenges and vastly different roles to serve the company. This became apparent again in 2017, when he took on a new director role within our Solutions and Services division.

In his previous position as Field Engagement Manager for our Territory Sales Division (TSD), during a leadership transition in 2016, Ryan did not hesitate to step-up to the plate and pitch in. Whether it was a customer that needed a legal contract review, or a shipment that required a speedy distribution, Ryan knew exactly where to escalate to and got the job done. He did a phenomenal job at wearing two hats for a solid chunk of the year – seamlessly switching between bringing TSD reps the most relevant and thought-provoking training as a Field Engagement Manager, and acting as an interim sales leader to keep the entire TSD Nation engaged and tracking towards their sales targets.

It was for these outstanding efforts that Ryan was recognized with a Jone Panavas Leadership Award at our annual Launch conference in 2017.

The highest honor at Softchoice, the Jone Panavas Leadership Award exemplifies the qualities of our fearless founder. The award celebrates individuals who are the gold standard of Softchoice's values, go-to teammates, and who demonstrate outstanding personal leadership and customer passion. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of the entire organization at Softchoice’s annual all-company conference.