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This WOW goes to Sarah Rousseau

This WOW goes to Sarah Rousseau, a Microsoft Program Specialist in Toronto.

Sarah recently came to one of our customers’ rescue. She was able to troubleshoot an issue that was delaying a massive project for their business. She not only determined the root cause relatively fast, she also proposed a solution enabling the customer to complete and finally solve the issue more quickly than they thought possible.

The customer shared his appreciation for Sarah’s hard work: “I really appreciate the extra effort you made. You may or may not be surprised that we find very few [partners] who step out and help with the seemingly simple things. In this case, not being able to submit a ticket was holding back a project that we're deploying globally that will impact 10,000 call center agents. Simple problem, smart solution, big impact. Thank you!”

So thank you, Sarah, for demonstrating your customer passion!

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