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This award goes to Scott Mathewson

Scott Mathewson, a Services Practice Lead in Atlanta, is the 2017 North Star award winner – a new Softchoice award category this year for Services business development.

Scott can be personified by a single word: enthusiasm! Whenever or wherever a resource gap exists, Scott fills it without question or hesitation. Despite his official role being a practice lead, he stepped up on numerous occasions over the last year to fill in the role of a solutions architect, a services consultant, a business development manager, and a vendor relationship manager. He always does it with a smile and a sincere eagerness to help.

Scott is the glue that ties his team together through his extraordinary efforts, through continuously seeking areas to improve the business and support the team, and by doing it all with an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm.

First awarded in 2017, the North Star is the pinnacle of recognition for Softchoice Services business development individuals. It recognizes one person each year who best demonstrates how our values at Softchoice are activated in a presales role. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of their peers at Softchoice’s annual Launch event.