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This WOW goes to Sherif Mahmoud

This WOW goes to Sherif Mahmoud, a Senior Solutions Architect in Halifax. As a new member of the Softchoice team, Sherif has already gone out of his way to help and mentor others in our Halifax office, and gone above-and-beyond expectations to better everyone around him.

His peers say there has not been one customer meeting that they've left where the customer has not wanted to keep Sherif at their office to pick his brain and listen to him speak. He brings a hard-working attitude, intelligence and the passion to succeed into work every day. During a meeting with a Softchoice customer in the health care sector, Sherif made a point of demonstrating to the customer how Softchoice really cares about them and wants to be present and involved every step of the way.

The customer was so caught off guard and pleased with Sherif’s words, he asked the Softchoice team to set up time for a meeting to take place in the following weeks where Sherif and the crew will come in to perform a white boarding session – and educate his entire IT team. In his short three-month tenure, Sherif has gone out of his way to help uncover new opportunities, establish trusting relationships, and bring education to our customer base. Thank you, Sherif, for your customer passion!