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This award goes to Tammy Pike

The 2017 Softchoice Cares Orange Champion Award goes to Tammy Pike, a Client Account Manager based in Toronto!

Tammy is described by her teammates as a selfless person who embodies giving. She goes above and beyond to inspire those around her, displaying passion and commitment across Softchoice Cares fundraising events and her volunteer activities. One of her teammates said about Tammy: “I do not know anyone else at Softchoice with such a dedication and rallying spirit to her charitable causes, which we get involved in because we believe in her dedication.”

One way Tammy demonstrated her passion and giving nature in the last year was by organizing an Amazing Adventure Day with Childhood Cancer Canada. Her hard work in planning, organizing and running the volunteer event was exemplary. As one of her colleagues put it: “We felt like we were part of something big and really enjoyed working as a team to make this event a success.”

Thank you Tammy, for your generosity and for demonstrating what our Softchoice values and culture are all about.

The Softchoice Cares Orange Champion award recognizes one person each year who is a role model of Softchoice values, who actively made a difference in their community, and who inspires others across the organization to get active and do the same. The winner is called on stage at Softchoice’s annual Launch conference in front of the whole company.