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This award goes to Thomas Chung

Thomas Chung, a Microsoft Sales Specialist in Chicago, is a 2018 recipient of Softchoice’s highest honor – the Jone Panavas Leadership Award.

In 2018, Tom led the charge for Microsoft Change of Channel Partner agreements (or COCPs) and closing them at a very high rate – achieving 20 percent growth year-over-year.

Tom is an invaluable resource to many of our sales reps – particularly the US Midwest region to which he’s aligned, but also supporting other teams whenever the need arises. He has a lot of supporters across the company, many of whom describe him as the gold standard Microsoft Sales Specialist at Softchoice – and across our industry.

Tom also has a real passion for developing others, taking time to share his knowledge and insights with anyone in need. Known for providing great employee and customer experiences, Tom created a series of Microsoft materials and processes to enable his peers and their customers with the right tools.

The highest honor at Softchoice, the Jone Panavas Leadership Award exemplifies the qualities of our fearless founder. The award celebrates individuals who are the gold standard of Softchoice's values, go-to teammates, and who demonstrate outstanding personal leadership and customer passion. Recipients of this award are recognized in front of the entire organization at Softchoice’s annual all-company conference.