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This WOW goes to Umer Iqbal

This WOW goes to Umer Iqbal, a Managed Services Support Engineer in our Oakville office.

After a customer of ours had their server relocated, Umer noticed a serious issue with their voice services once the server was turned back on. Fortunately for the customer, this happened on a holiday, but Umer was determined to fix the issue right away, so it wouldn’t affect the customer’s ability to do business the next day when they went back to work.

Umer managed to reach the customer and got permission to shut down the server for 30 minutes to allow him to fix the problem. He then performed additional testing to ensure a seamless experience for his customer the next day. He got confirmation that night that all systems were up and running perfectly.

Thank you, Umer, for your dedication of your demonstration of our values “We Have Customer Passion” and “We own the end result.”