It started with a Need

In 1989, cell phones were a rarity, 5” floppy disks were still the standard and, because the internet was still years away, finding the right technology was a challenging task. At that time, customers looking for technology products were faced with limited selection and expertise, and endured the burden of roaming from store to store to find what they needed..

Vision and Strategy

Inspired to fill this void, Softchoice co-founders David Holgate and Jone Panavas had a vision - to build a company that would connect customers to thousands of technology products with new found ease and efficiency.

People First

The result was a different kind of company, a company that understood that technology challenges aren’t managed by technology, but by thoughtful, dedicated people. People committed to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their IT investments.

Customer Passion

A distinctive corporate culture developed at Softchoice, one that continues to promote integrity, forward-thinking and individual responsibility as the basis for every customer interaction. To this day Softchoice’s focus on finding better ways to help customers buy and manage their IT resources remains the central motivating force behind everything we do.

Growing up and branching out

Since opening our doors in 1990, Softchoice has grown from a company of only a few employees to an enterprise of over 1,700 people, with over 40 sales offices and 30 distribution centers located in major cities throughout North America. Through all the growth and changes to our business, two things have remained constant: 1) the continuing customer need for assistance in selecting, acquiring and managing technology and 2) Softchoice's commitment to providing exceptional customer service.