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Microsoft Azure

Make informed decisions. Hone your knowledge. Accelerate your journey.

With Softchoice you'll deliver an effective Azure implementation, reducing risk and creating business value as you go.

YOUR WORLD IS CHANGING But you already know that. Here's something you don't...

Many companies look to Microsoft Azure to save time, money and deliver a positive experience for employees and customers alike. Implementing Azure is tricky, and not every organization is equipped with the right IT staff or skill-sets to be successful. The reality is a move to Azure is far more complex than many IT organizations expect. And Softchoice has a track record of helping organizations just like yours to make the move successfully.

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GET STARTED THE RIGHT WAY Make informed decisions based on proven experience

For most organizations, wholesale migration of existing infrastructure to Azure simply isn't feasible, especially when some of what you've got is working well. Your cloud migration has to be dictated by your unique business needs.

Working with Softchoice, you'll develop a plan that creates organizational alignment by assessing what you've got and predicting your success. With the right information, you can move forward in a more considered way, delivering value to the business as you go.

  • Azure TechCheck Assessment

    This assessment gauges the impact of Azure on your existing IT infrastructure.

    Your best migration options are determined following a deep infrastructure dive, and cost/benefit, risk analysis.

  • Azure Jumpstart

    We work with you to apply best practices to migrate and set up designated applications.

    The result is a secure, stable and scalable platform that’s ready for future growth.

ADDRESS YOUR SKILLS GAPS Learn as you go with staff augmentation and mentorship

Knowledge and familiarity with cloud technology are critical to not only moving quickly, but avoiding risks and hidden costs. Successful and timely Azure adoption depends on having the right skills to execute effectively.

The challenge is demand for cloud skillsets is rising, making it difficult (and costly) to find the right expertise. When you work with Softchoice you're supported by architects and engineers who've designed and deployed hundreds of Azure solutions. And because growing usage requires increasing knowledge, we help hone your staff's skills through ongoing education and mentorship.

  • Azure Accelerator

    Get your IT organization moving quickly with ready-access to Azure know-how and a clearly defined implementation roadmap.

    Our integrated approach marries your business knowledge to Softchoice's Azure expertise to ensure rapid and secure migration and activation.

  • Keystone Managed Services

    Learn as you go and enhance in-house expertise with ongoing access to specialized Azure skillsets and operating frameworks.

    With mentorships and live 24x7 support, Keystone unleashes the potential of your people to support your growing Azure strategy.

GOVERN & CONTROL COSTS Gain real-time insight into organizational consumption

As you migrate more applications to the cloud, consumption of technology services move increasingly from IT to end business users. Without clear oversight usage can fluctuate wildly, creating unpleasant (and costly) surprises.

Working with Softchoice, you'll have a much clearer view of how your cloud services are being used, and by whom. You'll be able to assign costs to lines of business based on actual consumption. Most importantly, with real-time data you'll be able to forecast usage and associated spend.

  • Governance Workshop

    Establishes a reasonable consumption model base on line of business need.

    The output is a system that provides the oversight and ability to assign costs to actual usage.

  • Azure Dashboard

    A real-time view into who is consuming which cloud technologies.

    Helps track spending by application or department, aligning usage to cost centers, and ensuring accountability.



Microsoft Azure Boot Camps

Free hands-on training boosts your Microsoft Azure infrastructure modernization, management and data platform skills.

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