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Strategic Cloud Deployment Solution
Azure Accelerator
Speed Your Azure Deployment without Risks or Error

Service Overview

Even with a strong mandate your organization may find it difficult to move its Azure program forward without the right knowledge and skills.

Softchoice's Azure Accelerator program gets your IT organization moving quickly with proven deployment methodologies to help you plan and execute your transition to the cloud. You'll streamline your transition using established integration approaches that result in a clearly defined roadmap. This roadmap allows you to make the most of your internal infrastructure and business knowledge to quickly and effectively activate, migrate, and connect to the Azure cloud.

Who should be involved?

We recommend assembling a cross functional IT team with a senior sponsor to provide alignment to the issues, business drivers and guide prioritization.

Why Softchoice for Azure?

  • We have deep cross-discipline expertise across leading data center, hybrid cloud and public cloud platforms.
  • Softchoice Azure architects and engineers have on average over 10 year of cloud and related technology experience.
  • Our proven IaaS planning and migration methodologies have helped hundreds of organizations successfully transition on premise data center infrastructure to public and hybrid cloud platforms.

Service Details

  • Establish connection between your goals and Azure capabilities
  • Identify critical success factors and collect necessary inputs
  • Size workloads to migrate
  • Identify network redundancies
  • Establish data hierarchy and server placement based on Softchoice Azure design best practices
  • Create and configure cross-premise connectivity
  • Use Windows Azure Virtual Network to build secure links between target and source locations
  • Validate configuration, authentication and administration capabilities