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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed Print Service

Client Computing | Posted on March 27, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

Managing a fleet of printers is one of the least favorite jobs for an IT Manager. Softchoice Help Desk Manager, Shawn McCoubrey, put it best:

“Troubleshooting a printer is not a technical thing – its a wasted resource. Things like replacing toner – anyone can do that, especially in this day and age. Our IT department must do things we actually add value to.”

His sentiments were reflected in a recent research study by SIM, which surveyed over 1,000 IT professionals in North America to uncover their leading IT management concerns. The top 10 list included:

  • Better alignment of IT with the business (1)
  • Improving business agility/flexibility (3)
  • Improving business productivity (4)
  • Speed of IT delivery (5)
  • Business cost reduction/controls (9)

We know these priorities resonate with most of our clients. You’d rather be focused on projects that deliver value to the business, not burdened with tactical or operational IT issues.

For this reason, many of our clients have made the switch to a Managed Print Service (MPS) solution. It not only outsources the hassle of print management to a third party, but also provides valuable analytics around your print environment, to help drive more strategic decisions.

If you’ve not yet implemented a Managed Print Service in your business, here’s 4 reasons why you should:

1. Clear-cut costs

90% of North American companies don’t know what they’re spending on print.

That’s because it’s a low priority for most IT departments. Look in your own supply cupboard. Do you know the cost of all that toner sitting on the shelves, or when it expires? Do you know which devices are the most efficient, or which departments print the most? Most IT Managers can guesstimate, but many simply don’t have the time or necessary resources to really understanding their print environment, and where cost-cutting opportunities lie.

A Managed Print Service starts by assessing your current print environment, giving you a baseline to work from. You get a cost breakdown of each device within your printer fleet, its current toners levels, and average uptime. Such intel is invaluable for determining which printers are the most efficient, which need to be decommissioned, and which areas of the business are printing the most. Monthly usage reports help track your print environment over time.

Given that print is the 3rd highest office expense behind payroll and rent, MPS is a powerful way to understand your costs, and make impactful changes to your bottom line.

2. Automated troubleshooting

“I want our IT deparment to deliver value for our end users. There’s no value in replacing toner” – Shawn McCoubrey, Help Desk Manager at Softchoice

With an MPS solution, typical print-related issues become automated, so IT doesn’t even have to think about them.

For example, “when our toner reaches 5%, it sends a ticket to our MPS provider and a new one is shipped automatically to the corresponding office,” explains Shawn. “It’s way better to troubleshoot and manage from a service desk perspective, and offers a better end user experience.”

By automating this process, IT is able to pre-empt and proactively solve a lot of printing issues before they occur, reducing business downtime overall. Best of all, you won’t have expensive stock sitting on shelves, going past its expiration.

3. One invoice for everything

Companies underestimate printing expenses by as much as 50%

With MPS, you are billed on a cost-per-page basis, which factors in expenses like toner, ink and maintenance. This means one invoice, and the ability to forecast your budget with greater certainty.

4. Reclaim your life

4 reasons your business needs a managed print service

“In my previous position 80% of my work was on printers. Everything from small inkjets to large laser jets to plotters. I hated every minute of it because I felt like a mechanic instead of an IT person” – Spiceworks member

Perhaps most importantly, with an MPS solution print management doesn’t rule your day anymore. You can get back to more strategic priorities that add value to your business, instead of being “that IT guy” whos fixes printers.

Get started today. Talk to Softchoice about a Managed Print Service solution.

Free Print Assessment

Still not sure if MPS is right for you? Get a free print assessment from Softchoice and let us show you the value.

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