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Apple and Cisco Bring Mobile Workers Closer Together

Client Computing | Posted on May 16, 2013 by Joseph Byer

Ever since mobile devices with front-facing cameras hit the mainstream, the way we communicate with each other has been moving from sci-fi to reality. Slick-looking devices like the iPhone and iPad now bring people face-to-face over great distances – just like we’ve seen in the movies.

While FaceTime and other chat apps may be great for the average consumer, we still need a viable solution for organizations looking for the same futuristic forms of collaboration.

When combined with Cisco’s Unified Communication applications like Jabber, Webex, and Webex Social, Apple makes the future of enterprise collaboration a reality – with tools your users will actually want to use.

Consider this future of collaboration:

  • Seamless Integration: Apps for Jabber, WebEx and WebEx Social are at their best on both the iOS and Mac OS X platform. Joining WebEx while mobile gets easier when your users can tap the screen once to see the presentation, and just one more tap to join the conference call.
  • Switch between devices: Send Jabber chats and WebEx sessions from your Mac to your iPhone to your iPad, without losing the connection or making the other particpants rejoin.
  • Escalate Interactions: Promote a chat to a video conference to a WebEx on the fly, without jumping through hoops.
  • Leverage the Power of Social: WebEx Social brings employees closer together with “Facebook-ization” of the Enterprise. Exchange ideas, locate resources with ease and plug in to your company’s talent like never before, all with state-of-the-art Apps on Mac OS X and iOS
  • Preferred means of contact: Let your users decide and express the best way to reach them – via iPhone, Email or Jabber chat on your Mac or iPad.

Consult, Implement and Manage
To prepare you and your workforce for this amazing technology, Softchoice works closely with you and determine the best way for you to leverage Apple and Cisco solutions.

  • Deploy your iPads and Macs with Softchoice: Leverage Softchoice Technology Deployment Services to deliver ready-to-use iPads and MacBooks directly to your end users hands. No more scrambling to install the settings and policies on each and every device, let Softchoice’s skilled deployment bench provide the full solution so your users can hit the ground running, with Jabber and WebEx pre-installed.
  • Manage your AppleCare and Cisco Smartnet with Softchoice. Our TechCheck Services determine when your AppleCare and Cisco SmartNet are due to expire and help you take the appropriate actions to ensure ongoing enterprise level support.

Reach out to your Softchoice Account Manager for more info, or better yet, leave a comment below with your questions about Apple and Cisco working together and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

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