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Boosting Student Achievement With 21st Century Digital Tools [Adobe]

Client Computing | Posted on May 22, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

The Adobe K-12 Enterprise Agreement (EA) minimizes costs and complexity and maximizes investments in new technology.

Whether it’s through Career and Technical Education programs or by introducing them across the curriculum, 21st century communication tools are finding their way into more and more classrooms. That’s great news for teachers, administrators and other education leaders searching for ways to inspire passion in their students, make school more relevant, impactful and engaging, and provide them with the skills necessary to continue learning and start their real-world careers on a solid footing.

Recognizing the impact that Adobe technology solutions have on learning, Adobe has introduced its K-12 Enterprise Agreement (EA). The Adobe K-12 EA is a three-year term-based licensing program that helps school districts minimize the cost and complexity of providing Adobe software and maximizes the investment across an entire district.

How does the Adobe K-12 EA work? Adobe’s new enterprise agreement enables school districts to provide Adobe software to all administrators, teachers, staff and students within their district on institutionally-owned computers. That means districts pay an annual fee to cover nearly everyone with pricing based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) units covered.

In addition to universal access and equity throughout the district, benefits of the Adobe K-12 EA include:

  • Home-use rights (fee-based) – The ability to use the software is provided to administrators, teachers and staff at home. Note: student home-use isn’t covered under this agreement.
  • Streamlined purchasing and order management – Deployment is consolidated under an annual purchase order. That means you can deploy additional licenses as you need without placing a new order or waiting for processing. Adobe even provides resource and enterprise deployment tools to help you easily manage installations district-wide.
  • Improved budget planning – Thanks to a predictable annual licensing cost, managing your budget is even easier. Greater control and predictability help ensure funds are available to address all district priorities over a three-year term.
  • Simplified compliance and version control – With district-wide access to the latest Adobe software, IT administrators can easily track and manage license compliance through Adobe’s password-protected licensing web portal, where you can also run reports, track order history, access serial numbers and download software from one location.
  • Flexible deployment – Thanks to multiple distribution options, application installers can also be hosted on secure servers for users or managers to deploy on demand.

Institutions can choose either the Adobe K-12 EA Creative Suite Bundle or Acrobat Pro Bundle for both Windows and Mac OS – determined by FTE count and optional add-ons – calculated based on the number of licenses.

For more information on the Adobe K-12 EA and its potential benefits to your schools, contact a Softchoice Adobe Licensing expert.

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