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Enable a Mobile Workforce With The Dell Latitude 7380

Client Computing | Posted on September 13, 2017 by Angela Cope

I recently quit my job. It was a Director role, where I singlehandedly brought in one of the largest sales my department had seen in years. Plus, I was making great money for my age.

I loved the team I managed and was gaining the respect from the agency’s 200+ clients. I experienced both personal and career growth. But believe it or not, one of the aspects of my role that I hated, and contributed to my decision to leave, was the inability to work outside of the office. It wasn’t a mobile friendly environment.

If you’ve been in the IT world for the past decade, I know you’ve heard this before. Employers are most at risk of losing Millennials due to their tech offering. In fact, nearly half of American Millennials (42%) say they’d likely quit a job if workplace tech didn’t meet their standards.

Enabling, encouraging, and defining rules and regulations for a mobile workforce isn’t anything new. Companies that are successful at this task are voted time and time again as the best places to work.

Enable Mobility With The Right Technology

Mobility in the workplace is not as simple as turning on a light.

Creating an ultra-mobile environment involves defining new processes, purchasing and testing new SaaS platforms, and making smart decisions on the best ultra-mobile devices to standardize. And I’m just scratching the surface.

Whether your organization is starting to provide its workforce with new mobile devices, or refreshing outdated hardware currently in place, we want to help you make the right device selection decisions.

That’s why we’re excited to announce one of the newest ultra-mobile friendly laptops on the market today – the Dell Latitude 7380.

Discover the New Dell Latitude 7380

As the newest member of Dell’s lineup of Latitude 7000 series, the Latitude 7380 is the laptop checking off all the device requirements on your list.

Mobility has been a hot topic in the last 10 years in the IT world and so has security. If even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can get his account hacked, you can’t deny the realities of cyber security.

Dell offers the world’s most secure commercial and business PCs. So it’s no surprise that this ultra-mobile device comes with customizable premium protection. The Latitude 7380 is the first ever in its class to feature both a touch display and front-facing infrared camera for secure facial recognition login.

This level of security should not be undermined. Many users have bad security habits. Over a third are using the same passwords for a bunch of different accounts. Additional login security features on a corporate device is a big feature. With cyber security a rising concern for CEOs, you can help your organization keep its data safe by purchasing technology with extra safety features.

Dell Latitude 7380 Features

Security aside, the Dell Latitude 7380 is also known to increase productivity. Many organizations have 4-year refresh life-cycles. When you work on a device that is nearing its end date, you know how painful a slow load time can be.

It’s embarrassing to sit in front of a room full of clients with a device that takes minutes to load. That device represents me, and I represent my organization. If I can’t easily set-up a presentation, then what else is falling apart back at my office? Although this may seem a little dramatic, for some prospects, appearances are everything.

Client facing roles aside, devices that resolve productivity issues are enjoyed by all end users. The Dell Latitude 7380 does just that with features like:

– Intel’s 7th-generation Core i7 Processor
– Long-lasting battery life – up to 17 hours
– Faster data speeds with a PCIe SSD and Thunderbolt™ 3 connection
– Equipped with Windows 10 OS
– 13″ FDH with  touch screen standard in 2-in-1 devices

With the Dell Latitude 7380 premium business-class Ultrabook™, users will undoubtedly notice an elite increase in day-to-day productivity.

Introducing The Dell Latitude 7380 To Your Workforce

When introducing a new device to your organization, there is typically a procurement process in place. You don’t have to develop that on your own.

When you purchase Dell devices from us, our clients will experience peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated team of Dell resources at Softchoice. This team assists clients with procurement and technology assessments. Plus, Dell provides full solution and support for its devices.

If you’re interested in rolling out a new ultra-mobile and secure device, connect with your rep today for a quote on the Dell Latitude 7380.

More than 60% of millennials are saying that they would rather receive high tech perks at work versus low tech perks like ping pong and free food. Don’t lose great employees due to outdated technology. Take it from me first hand, staff will leave a company if it’s not mobile friendly.

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