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Four Windows 8 Tablets You Can’t Ignore

Client Computing | Posted on November 14, 2012

After much anticipation, Windows 8  is finally here — and the market is buzzing about what this means for the tablet space, which has been dominated by only a couple of products.

The latest OS offers a very different interface from what customers are used to, including extensive touch-screen capabilities. Some of the industry’s biggest manufacturers are coming out with new and improved business-minded tablets that take advantage of this new interface, while providing familiarity with Windows desktop applications.

Tablets from HP, Lenovo and Dell are optimized for the touch-screen options that come pre-loaded with Windows 8, while offering increased battery life, more expansion ports and higher levels of security — all essential for today’s business user.

Most new tablets are expected to roll out in the next couple of months, and Softchoice will have a range of offerings through our vendor partners. We’re hosting a number of customer events over the next few months where our experts will be highlighting the benefits of migrating to Windows 8, and the steps you need to prepare.

Here’s four Windows 8 tablets worthy of your attention:

The HP ElitePad 900:  This tablet offers a docking station that turns it into an all-in-one desktop with a familiar Windows experience. It can also be used as a telepresence portal for video meetings or to create custom HD training videos. And HP’s management suite provides tools to locate and protect data on lost devices, allowing you to remotely lock, fully wipe and selectively wipe data. It is expected to be available in January 2013.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Lenovo offers a strong portfolio of enterprise-level services, including better management of multiple devices and priority technical support. Weighing only 600 grams, this tablet will last more than 10 hours on a single battery charge — ideal for long flights. Lenovo also offers application control with Applocker, and multi-user logins for secure device sharing (including shared tablets in the workplace). It is expected to ship in late December to early January.

The Dell XPS 10:  This tablet offers a mobile keyboard dock that provides an additional built-in battery, full keyboard and touchpad capabilities for business users on the go. The HD display is designed to withstand scratches and bumps with hardened glass, and built-in security features help safeguard files and personal information wherever users connect. It is expected to ship in mid-November to mid-December.

The Dell Latitude 10 :  This tablet is built for business, with advanced management and security capabilities. Manage the tablet as you would any other PC using your existing remote management solution, and provide enterprise-level security with built-in and optional security platforms. The removable battery offers a choice of sizes so mobile employees can stay up and running. It is expected to ship in mid-November to mid-December.

To learn more about Windows 8, sign up for our Microsoft Discovery Series where our major partners will showcase their latest offerings. You can also contact your Softchoice Account Manager to request a demo unit and see how Windows 8 fits into your business environment or leave a comment below and we’ll respond.

Do you agree with this list? Which Windows 8 Tablets are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments below!

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