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Give Life to Your Old Printer and Change a Life

Client Computing | Posted on July 31, 2014 by Angela Cope

Every day our Softchoice Account Managers work with our vendor partners to provide clients with the best prices and products. Because of the wide variety of cost-saving programs available, I discuss these programs with experts frequently to connect the right clients with the right programs.

Recently, I chatted with Robert Volkman, one of our Print Specialists, about HP’s new upgrade savings program. According to Robert, this is one program clients should pay attention to. Here’s what we discussed.

Angela: What is the new HP upgrade savings program on printers?
Rob: It is a way for our US clients who own older HP printer technology to upgrade to HP’s newest line-up of printers and save anywhere from $150-$700.

Angela: Why do you like this program so much?
Rob: The reality is, this program is very similar to HP’s Trade-In and Save program. For qualifying clients, it allows them the opportunity to update their print infrastructure to the latest technology at a reduced cost while driving additional savings via improved efficiencies and lower operational costs.

Angela: Besides cost savings, why should our clients care?
Rob: They can replace old outdated printers to newer models while saving money. Through this program though, clients won’t be able to get additional rebate dollars but they can recycle their old printers for free or donate them.

Donate you say…

As a member of our Softchoice Cares board, whenever I hear about an opportunity to donate technology, I get excited. I seem to be learning more and more about how Softchoice and our partner vendors offer customers the opportunity to help a cause just by doing their job. And in the case of HP’s printer rebate program, not only can clients who qualify for these rebates update their old printers and save money, they can do good for someone else by asking to donate their old printers.

HP has partnered with the National Cristina Foundation which focuses on providing students with disabilities with access to technology (and if you knew me, you would know that providing technology to children with disabilities is extremely important).

“The National Cristina Foundation works to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and the public that such resources are invaluable tools worthy of a second productive life for developing human potential. The Foundation encourages donations of used equipment to support local nonprofits, schools and agencies. Source. National Cristina Foundation”

Savings, doing good, and even more savings

Once I made this discovery, I began to map out this process and realized (at a high-level) that this process would like something like the following:

  1. US clients update qualified old-SKU printers and have the latest and greatest technology in their organization
  2. You can save anywhere from $150 – $700 on selected new printers from HP
  3. Ask about the donation program where HP works with the National Cristina Foundation to find a cause close to your office that has the need for a printer (you could even qualify for the local pick-up)
  4. The organization then receives a tax receipt for the donated equipment (that’s even more cost savings for your company)

In my eyes, this is a win-win-win all around.

Learn more about donating old technology

The partnership that HP holds with the National Cristina Foundation is just one of many donation type offers available to our clients. In fact, Dell  is also a partner for the same program. However, when we are conducting business, sometimes there are so many other items that need to be addressed and we might not think (or even know) about donating old technology.

Although programs like this are not applicable to all products and services that Softchoice offers, the next time you are connecting with your Softchoice Account Manager, be sure to ask if there is a donation program.

You can do your job while simultaneously helping another person without a whole lot of extra effort. Doesn’t that make working a whole lot more interesting? I know it does for me.

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