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How to Guard Against The #1 Productivity Killer In Workplaces

Client Computing | Posted on November 3, 2014

If you’ve ever had your workplace brought to a screeching halt because of network performance issues, you’ll know that those lost minutes of productivity can truly become an issue over time. IT users in particular can suffer the most lost time when it comes to network issues — around two or three full working days per year.

From lost productivity minutes to a poor user experience, network issues can have far-reaching consequences, and call for decisive solutions. Enter SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), their robust and full-featured network monitoring software that will meet the needs of any organization.

What is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor?

SolarWinds NPM software features a suite of resources that allow you to monitor and receive constant feedback on your network, and if any issues arise, you have the tools to quickly diagnose, detect, and resolve outages and performance issues.

When it comes time to really scrutinize your network performance metrics, the software also offers best-in-show deep packet inspection (DPI) and analysis, a feature that is highly-celebrated (and new to v11 of the software).

Deep packet inspection is a technology used to capture and analyze network packets as they pass through routers and other devices on your network, filtering the data to give you deeper information about the status of your network on a moment-to-moment basis.

From live network monitoring to offering hundreds of out-of-the-box dashboard, alert, and reporting options, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor will prove to be a true asset for any organization that is serious about network stability.

Who needs SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor the most?

As anyone in the IT field will attest to, someone’s ability is only as good as the tools they are given. To that end, SolarWinds sells itself on its versatility, ease of use, and the sheer range of its out-of-the-box functions. If a job requires any degree of network interfacing or repair, then the software has something to offer it. Specific roles the software will immediately benefit include:

  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Helpdesk and Technical Support

For hands-on learners, a fully-featured demo is available for anyone who wants to test drive SolarWinds on their network before making a commitment.

Immediate benefits with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Outside of being a fully-featured and accessible network monitoring solution, SolarWinds offers software that is scalable to the needs of any customer, and built to be flexible beyond initial adoption. It will grow and move with your organization, helped along by the fact that it is licensed by the largest number of network monitoring elements.

On top of that, the previously-mentioned DPI technology offers network performance analytics that could offer savvy customers a wealth of new monitoring information and techniques for their enterprise.

Points to consider with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Your current network monitoring solution may be minimal at best due to the relatively stable nature of your office network. And while SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a fantastic troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for spotty networks, it holds just as much value as a preventative measure.

The wide array of analytical tools available in the software allows customers to pinpoint the strong aspects of their network for purposes as wide-ranging as white papers to in-house research. No matter your intention, you will be well equipped with all the available information about your network.

And for those moments where your network’s bandwidth cannot keep up with the demands of your customers, SolarWinds offers the Bandwidth Analyzer Pack to get straight to understanding why your network is experiencing a slow-down, and the best course of action to quickly alleviate network congestion.

Why Softchoice likes SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

We have all lost minutes, if not hours, to fruitless and repetitive network repair attempts. SolarWinds has created an elegant and expansive Network Performance Monitor that covers all of the bases, from resolving network outages to detecting new presences on the network and generating diagnostic reports for your records.

From fixing the initial problem to continually monitoring your network performance to help you minimize future issues, we like this software because it continually assists us against a pervasive productivity killer.  

Next Steps

For a complimentary license and account review, please contact, or if you want to explore further reading about packet analysis sensor deployment while considering your upgrade, please see this blog post and these further resources.

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