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How a Managed Print Service Saved Softchoice Money (and IT Headaches)

Client Computing | Posted on March 19, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

At Softchoice, we understand how cumbersome and frustrating print management can be. Before we switched to a Managed Print Service (MPS), our IT department was responsible for managing over 200 printers, all across the US and Canada.

Managing, maintaining and supporting these printers felt like it was an all-consuming task. Our IT guys regularly had to drop whatever they were working on when a user called to complain about a printer that was out of toner or wasn’t working properly.


Sound familiar?

Fortunately, we found a solution that solved this headache, and now lets our team focus on more strategic endeavors.

Managed Print Service takes the hassle of print management off our plates

Let’s face it, most IT pros aren’t print experts. And when a printer breaks down, you have to track down a technician to fix the problem — and fix it ASAP. That means scheduling an appointment and paying a premium for the service. In the meantime, the office is stuck without working printers, meaning users have to find other ways to print – like heading over to a copy shop, paying inflated prices to print, and then submitting that as an expense to the company.

How Managed Print Service Works

As soon as one of our printers is running low on toner or experiencing a service-related issue, an automatic alert is sent to our MPS provider and a technician drops by to replace the toner or fix the equipment. At the end of the month, we receive a service report. Previously, we didn’t keep track of how many pages were being printed each month or by whom — like most IT departments, our team just didn’t have time for that. But with MPS, we receive monthly usage data.

Our Managed Print Service has been an eye-opener

We discovered, for example, that our finance department was printing 15,000 pages per month. As a result, our IT department was able to educate the team on when to print — and when not to — in order to reduce waste and cut costs.

Is a Managed Print Service Actually Cheaper?

There’s a common misperception that a managed print solution costs more than doing it yourself. But MPS typically saves organizations up to 30 per cent, which is roughly in line with our experience.

With MPS, we pay a fixed cost for the number of pages we print, and that price includes toner and basic maintenance built in. We also have a service level agreement that ensures 99.99 percent up time, as well as a tight response time for toner replacements or to resolve any issues. With MPS, we’re saving money and freeing up IT to focus on more strategic priorities. We’ve also seen a significant reduction in help desk calls.

Other Benefits of Managed Print Service

Of course, the benefits of a properly managed print fleet go beyond cost efficiencies. With a cost per page pricing model, and quarterly invoicing, our IT department’s stream of expenses has become much more flat, making it easier to forecast their budget and plan for when older printers need replacing.

MPS also provides the monitoring power to identify improper use of company resources, giving our users more insight into their own printing habits and encouraging more efficient habits.

Overall, MPS allows us to take a more proactive approach with our print environment — because, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. For any organization with a multi-device or multi-location print environment, MPS means direct cash in your pocket — and fewer IT headaches.

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