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Is the iPad Mini the ideal tablet for business? [ Apple ]

Client Computing | Posted on November 20, 2012 by Joseph Byer

Beyond the fact that it’s a brilliant product for consumers, the new iPad Mini may be the ideal device for those “hard to reach places” in the business world. Already we’re hearing it fits nicely into a lab coat pocket exciting doctors and scientists around the world. But what other fields could the iPad, in any form, find it’s way into that hasn’t already been tried? Your first step on this journey starts with Softchoice and our upcoming webinar series on Security, Deployment and Management of Apple devices for your workforce.

There’s no shortage of inspiring stories of businesses incorporating iPads into their environment for productivity. However some businesses are still barely tolerating iPads, rather than encouraging their use. The iPad Mini’s form factors will attract a lot of users, but is there a way for IT to both manage AND promote iOS devices in one fell swoop?Luckily, many of the top MDM vendors are listening and provide more than just management capabilities but also filesharing, productivity and collaboration tools. AirWatch is not only a Gartner-leading solution when it comes to MDM, but their Secure Content Locker makes it easier for employees to share files without compromising data security. Good Technology and Sophos also come to the table with their ability to encrypt documents that reside in the public cloud. So the users get what they want and the IT department gets the security they need.

Secure management and usability are not mutually exclusive when it comes to iPads and mobile devices. If you don’t provide the services users want, they’ll find their own – for example sharing files on DropBox. Do you know how many of your users at any given mobility-enable company are accessing DropBox, potentially putting sensitive documents into a less-than-secure service?

Before you get to the point of presenting viable cloud options for your users, it just makes sense to figure out what they’re already using. With a Softchoice Mobility TechCheck you get a glimpse of what devices your users are accessing your corporate network with. From there, build your full mobility strategy with our Professional Services team with an in-depth engagement on your mobile app needs and tight integration with your mission-critical business systems. This assessment will give you all the info you need on everything from next steps to support costs.

Our SaaS TechCheck gives you insight into what cloud services your users are already using, whether those are secure options and if not direct them to right services on that meets your business needs. The last thing you want is users searching out their own solutions and accessing non-secure services like the scenario mentioned above.

There are many steps in developing your mobility strategy, but along the way it’s crucial to not lose sight of productivity, and ultimately PROFITABILITY, in the quest for management and security. Take the right steps with Softchoice and you’ll be able to take your iPad Mini into places your business once thought it could only dream of.

To delve deeper into these topics, join us for our upcoming webinars on Security, Deployment and Management of Apple devices in business, where Apple experts like me will describe in detail how to maximize the security features built into iOS & OSX within a corporate environment.

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