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Ivy Bridge: Changing the Game [Intel]

Client Computing | Posted on April 25, 2012 by Keith Groom

The new Intel Ivy Bridge launched today, and here at Softchoice we’re thinking about the ways this new processor is going to be changing the PC/Laptop/Mobile game for you, our customers. When you look at the specs, you can see that Ivy Bridge is aggressively fast, power efficient and small.

The Ivy Bridge Processor is going to be incorporated into new PCs, laptops and tablets over the next few months and with this fancy new chip inside there’s going to be some serious benefits for businesses:

Game Changer # 1 – Getting Sleek

Because the Ivy Bridge processor is so small, platform design will follow suit and will be downsizing (in the best possible way) as well. In a few months we will see sleek Ultrabooks weighing less than three pounds! Consumers and business people will be able to tote these speedy, light Ultrabooks around while still having access to a powerful device.

Game Changer # 2 – Long life and accessibility

Battery life and remote access are huge advantages that come along with the Ivy Bridge processor. Those working in the field won’t need to be concerned about being away from power for more than a few hours, because these new energy efficient chips are easy on battery power consumption and can maintain a charge for a full working day. Combine that with embedded 4G and LTE and you’ve got remote users that are always on and always connected.

Game Changer # 3 – Serious power

Next on the docket, desktops; they are getting amped up with some serious power. Graphics intense applications are almost 60% better with the Ivy Bridge processor which means more clear software and gaming development and engineering applications. This also translates into better video conferencing as the improved graphics are going to allow for a much higher resolution.

Game Changer # 4 – Match PCs to jobs

Matching computers to specific job performance is how many businesses develop their PC strategies. Whether your user is a graphic designer or simply needs the ability to video conference remotely, the Ivy Bridge processors are making it easy to match PC processing power to individual job needs and all at a cost that businesses don’t find hard to swallow.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are merging performance and affordability,  which is changing the game for design, accessibility, and graphics. With this release you’ve got to consider how many of your PCs are out of warranty and need upgrading. The total cost of ownership of your old PCs may be greater than the cost of purchasing these new efficient machines.

If you’d like more information, please contact me directly to learn more about how our assessments can help you make an informed decision about your PC strategy today.

You can also take a look at this white paper as well.

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