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Mastering The Graceful Transition To A Tablet-Friendly Office

Client Computing | Posted on November 26, 2014

With flexible working arrangements available in many organizations these days, the use of tablets and mobile devices is now prevalent. In fact, 95 per cent of companies permit their use. Tablets provide a myriad of benefits to users, combining the portability of a smartphone with the full range of functions traditionally found in a laptop. While there are many tablets available in the marketplace, perhaps the most well-recognized is the iPad.

What role do iPad devices really play in the workplace?

Today, the iPad is a well-established device in most homes, but it also has a lot to offer enterprise clients as well. Apple’s innovative Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to roll out the same suite of features and apps across all of your business iPad devices. No other product is better equipped to make your organization’s transition towards tablets easier.

Who benefits most by adopting the iPad?

The iPad offers a convenient way to access important work files from anywhere. In addition, the sheer breadth and versatility of apps available means that you can find the right tools for almost any business or process. From industry-standard spreadsheet and graph programs (for Mobile Sales and Service jobs), to apps that are specifically designed to secure personal health information (for Healthcare businesses), the iPad is a powerfully versatile tool that helps drive greater workplace efficiency. And with the option to add custom B2B apps to meet the specific needs of your business, the possibilities are endless. Apple’s latest ad for the iPad Air 2 demonstrates just how far the iPad has come, from simple content consumption device, to powerful business tool, supporting a rich and varied ecosystem of apps.

What is the value to you?

Any office-wide upgrade of hardware or software inevitably leads to a difficult transition period for your employees. However, because the iPad has been on the market since 2010, it’s likely that the majority of your workforce already has extensive hands-on experience with the device, or are at least familiar with Apple products. You’ll therefore be saving yourself untold headaches and lost hours of troubleshooting because your employees will already know how to use an iPad.

If your team is only familiar with older models of the iPad, the newest suite of features available only make it more user-friendly and accessible. A balance of familiarity and ease-of-use should serve to minimize confusion during deployment. If your organization has already adopted previous generations of the iPad, Softchoice offers a trade-in program so you can easily replace your existing tablets with the newest models. Who isn’t a fan of saving time and money?

Points to consider

Transitioning into a tablet-friendly workplace is no small feat, and comes with significant logistical challenges. Softchoice therefore offers complimentary deployment consulting and services to help you craft a deployment strategy and ensure that every iPad you order is business-ready and safely delivered to your users’ hands. Whether you choose to tackle the deployment yourself, or set up an MDM to handle the task for you, we’re here to offer our full slate of expertise and experience.

If you’re considering trading in your current fleet of iPad devices for the newest models, Softchoice can accurately assess their existing trade-in value to help you prepare for the next big upgrade. iPad and Mac retain their value over time better than any other technological product on the market, so your trade-in amount could end up being a pleasant surprise!

Finally, Apple has streamlined the process for deploying apps to the iPad through their VPP service, allowing you to buy apps in bulk and redistribute the licenses easily through a credit system. Softchoice is proud to not only be an iPad vendor, but also provide VPP credits for use in the iOS App Store. Gone are the days of using corporate credit cards and individual Apple accounts to load up your business tablets. We can help you consolidate all of your purchases in one place.

Why Softchoice likes iPad devices

We believe that iPad devices increase productivity and collaboration for mobile users. They’re a fantastic compromise between conventional desktop utility and portability. They also encourage businesses to develop smart strategies around the cloud and mobility, so they can make the most of all the iPad has to offer. Softchoice has a strong go-to-market strategy for mobility (including Wi-Fi, networking, cloud and collaboration strategies), making a tablet a logical extension of our strengths.

The next step to a tablet-friendly office

If you’re ready to transform your organization into a tablet-friendly workplace, please reach out and contact our Apple PreSales Architect, Joseph Byer. Come prepared with a list of your old iPad models for a trade-in quote, and we’ll have you on board for the Volume Purchase Plan in no time!

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