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New HP LaserJet Enterprise printers are the most secure ever

Client Computing | Posted on December 28, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

The new generation of HP LaserJet Enterprise printers are here, and they’re kind of a big deal. With a heightened focus on security, mobility, productivity and environmental footprint, here’s why we feel the M527, M577 and M506 series should be a serious consideration for your organization.

Stepping up the security

Let’s start with security, an area not typically given much thought when it comes to printing, yet it’s a major focus of the LaserJet Enterprise series. We are seeing a growing number of data breaches as a result of unsecured network endpoints. Perhaps you heard about Target‘s breach through their HVAC system, or Home Depot‘s through their self-checkout terminals? With stories like these, it’s not surprising that HP is focused on printer security.

“At the end of the day, a printer is an endpoint to an organization’s network and confidential data,” explains Jody Stover from HP. “The Fall launch of our new LaserJet Enterprise products offer the most secure printers, with the deepest level of security in the industry, and are designed to protect our customers from this kind of a data breach.”

HP has done this by introducing three new built-in features—HP SureStart, Whitelisting, and Run-time Intrusion Detection—to ensure your HP printer is secure, straight out of the box.

Behind the scenes workings of the new LaserJet Enterprise fleet

HP SureStart leverages the same technology developed for HP’s Elitebook computers. It works behind the scenes when devices power on—helping to make sure your printing and imaging devices are safeguarded from malicious attacks. The BIOS is a set of boot instructions used to load fundamental hardware components and initiate HP FutureSmart firmware on the device. HP Sure Start validates the integrity of the BIOS at every boot cycle. If a compromised version is discovered, the device restarts using a safe, “golden copy” of the BIOS.

The second feature, whitelisting, also works with the FutureSmart firmware outlined above. Like a PC’s operating system, firmware coordinates hardware functions, runs the control panel, determines what features are available when printing, scanning, or emailing, and provides network security. Compromised firmware could open your device and network to attack.

Whitelisting helps ensure only authentic, untampered HP code, is loaded into memory. If an anomaly is detected, the device reboots to a secure, offline state. It then sends a notice to IT to reload the firmware.

The third feature is run-time intrusion detection, which helps protect devices while they are operational and connected to the network—right when most attacks occur. This feature checks for anomalies during complex firmware and memory operations. In essence, it provides continual monitoring of your device while in use, and in the event of an intrusion, the device automatically reboots to a secure, offline state and alerts IT.

HP customers care about security

It’s clear that HP is taking security very seriously with its new generation of LaserJet Enterprise devices; a proactive initiative they say has been influenced by feedback from customers.

“A lot of our customers are concerned about security, explains Steve Lamb, Product Manager for HP’s LaserJet Enterprise Class. “We have millions of customers in healthcare, finance and the legal industries, for example, who need controlled access to information, and can’t afford to overlook something as everyday as their printer. Jet Advantage Security addresses all the critical gaps that can occur within your printing environment, to reduce risk, improve compliance and protect your network from end-to-end.”

So, with security well and truly covered, what else is there to get excited about with the new LaserJet Enterprise printers?

Let’s talk about Jet Intelligence; a series of new features that tackle toner security, longevity and simplicity.

Fresh approaches translate into real savings

HP has completely re-imagined the printer cartridge, with a new design that makes room for more toner in the hopper, which translates into real, tangible monetary savings for customers.

A new toner seal makes installation super easy. No more strips or orange tabs to pull. Simply insert the toner into the printer, and the first print job eats up the toner seal and transfers it back into the hopper!

HP has thought of everything, right down to the customer’s wallet at checkout, now shipping new devices with the cartridge already installed in the printer, making for a smaller package size and lower shipment costs.

Reducing the risk of theft & counterfeit products

Next, HP has tackled the security of its cartridges, which has become a growing concern for customers who want to protect their HP investments. Anti-theft protection can be enabled to tie cartridges to an individual printer or fleet. Therefore, should someone remove the cartridge and try to use it in another device (say, at home), they would be unable to print.

There’s also Original HP Preference, another optional feature that detects if counterfeit HP toner cartridges are installed, and will prevent any printing.

Best in class energy savings

Finally, let’s not discount the energy savings of HP’s new LaserJet Enterprise devices. According to the B2B Pulse Report 2015 by Shelton Group, 82% of business customers say that sustainability is an important business decision, and 35% say that it’s often a tie breaker in making a product selection.

HP’s newest lineup makes that decision easy, boasting the fastest competitive subset of printers on the market. There’s also a significant improvement over older HP models. The M506, for example, offers 43% total energy consumption savings, 13% faster turnaround on first page prints, and a 52% faster response rate from sleep to first page print over its predecessor, the P3015. And for the first time in years, there’s a 20% smaller footprint across all devices, yet a 44% increase in toner capacity.

So, if your printers are due for a refresh, there honestly has never been a better time to upgrade. Printing continues to be one of the highest overhead expenses for most organizations – a cost that can easily be reduced with the right printer fleet.

For more information about HP’s M527, M577 and M506 series, connect with one of our HP Print specialists here at Softchoice. Don’t forget to also ask about our Print TechCheck; a free assessment from Softchoice that provides a simple and effective way to understand what’s happening within your print environment, to identify cost savings, drive fleet optimization, and assist in daily manageability.

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